Planetary Transits 2014

Planets are constantly moving, and transiting from one sign to another and with each sign the environment for each planet keeps changing just like the ever-changing circle of life.

Every planet does not move at the same pace. The bigger and outer ring planets move slowly compared to the smaller ones. So the slow moving planets spend longer time in each sign affecting people lives for longer time period. It is interesting to note the duration of their stay in each sign:

Planets Duration in a sign
Saturn 2 1/2 years
Rahu-Ketu 18 months
Jupiter 1 year
Mars 6 weeks
Sun 1 month
Venus 3 weeks
Mercury 2 weeks
Moon A couple of days

The Major Transits: Saturn is the slowest moving planet and it is feared by most. It is considered as malefic, and its transit is the longest one. On the other-hand, Jupiter is the most benefic planet and its one year stay in a planet is what people look forward to. Transit of the two shadow planets Rahu-Ketu is also apprehended to create anxiety and unrest in people's lives. Considering the duration of stay and the changes planets bring to people during the time of changing signs, these planets are considered as major planetary transits. The other planets too bring about changes in people's lives but are relatively for shorter periods.

In 2014, all the 3 major planetary transits take place.

Astrology of Planetary Transits: The planets are comfortable in certain signs and this depends on the nature of energies of the sign. Planets are very comfortable in the signs which they rule and they are said to be in exaltation in certain others, just like, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces but is exalted in Cancer, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius but is exalted in Libra, and Sun rules Leo but is exalted in Aries and so on. Powers of these planets become debilitated or weak in certain signs like Jupiter in Capricorn, Sun in Libra, Venus in Virgo and so on.

To know how a planetary transit can affect an individual's natal chart, many factors such as Moon sign, major or minor planetary period (dasha-bhukti) and whether a planet is transiting in a favorable or unfavorable sign, come into consideration. Influence of a transit can balance malefic effects of dashas or vice versa.

Jupiter's transit this year increases its potency to serve well to others, Saturn transit in Scorpio will create a tense and uneasy atmosphere whereas Rahu transit in Virgo will bring material abundance.